Making the effort .. to stick to the plan!

Hi All! So nice to be back , had a great holiday and hope you did too! I took the Thanksgiving week off. This time of the year is so busy. We seem to overbook ourselves in all areas, and I want to be thoughtful with this medium and not just rush thru a blog post. So lets catch up:)

The Plan- or at least the most recent plan is

  1. Try my very best to follow the dietary recommendations after learning about my food sensitivities.
  2. Follow the Running/Training 16 week Plan for running an Ultra.

Have you ever wondered what Lacto Ovo Vegetarian meant? Or maybe what a Vegan can eat or why they choose their dietary lifestyle? With my restrictions I fall somewhere between most dietary labels. Here is a breakdown for you:

Vegetarians have many reasons for making their decisions, Health Reasons, a distaste for Animal Products, or a love for Animals.

Flexitarian– the term was coined to describe those that eat mostly vegetarian or semi vegetarian.

Pescatarian– those that abstain from eating all animal flesh except fish.

Lacto -Ovo Vegetarian- those that abstain from eating beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh of any kind, but do eat eggs and dairy products.

Vegan– those that do not eat any animal products, even as far as not eating any animal -derived ingredients such as gelatin/collagen for animals. Honey seems to be under debate even today.

Raw Vegan or Eating Raw– diet consisting of unprocessed vegan foods, items that have not been heated above 115 degrees F. The belief is that the food consumed is more beneficial to us if not heated above 115 degrees F.

And Finally Macrobiotic Diet– includes unprocessed vegan foods and allows for the occasional consumption of fish. Sugar and refined oils are not avoided but Asian vegetables are promoted, such as daikon radish and sea vegetables that include wakame and other seaweeds.

My Diet- I currently do not eat Eggs, Dairy (also including goat), or Red Meat. This was my first holiday trying to follow my new restrictions and it was difficult. I accepted an invitation to a local restaurant known for their Buffet which has a wide variety of food choices. I assumed this would make my eating easier, well I was unfortunately wrong. Most of the main dishes had either cheese or a cream sauce added. I do find it necessary to tell whoever I am with why I need to make the choices I do and when I mention it is for health reasons that seems to be readily accepted. Why would people make a judgement on whether my food choices are for moral or physical reasons? And the other question… Why do I feel the need to give an explanation? I need to ponder on this more.

My Training Plan- I had posted the picture of the “16 week Running Plan for my first Ultra Race” in a prior blog. The weekly plan seems very doable, building from a 10 mile long run on the first week, and still leaves me with enough rest days. Today ends my second week, so I started the plan on the week of November 18th. I have stuck to the plan with the exception of moving Thanksgivings run from Thursday (bad weather) to Friday. Also I added a weight day.

Meal Prep-Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake, Crusty No Knead Bread, White Beans, Turkey Pesto Panini, Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats, Veggie Dip. Also made a Thanksgiving meal ..just for the leftovers.

Hope you all have a Healthy and Happy week!

Making the effort… to commit to change!

Headed up for more Blue & Green ..and cooler temps!

What a beautiful week! I was able to get my training in and feel good. Weather still too hot for comfortable running at normal hours but that just means you need to be creative. Runs were done on treadmill, very early mornings, or up to a cooler location. The hill workout challenge is on week two so that means two hills, had never used this type of workout before and having fun with it. Next week three , yikes!

The Morning Light in the Desert. The Boohoff Trail run is getting more comfortable and I really trying to push it.

Well Crap… say Goodbye to dairy! Received my results of the Food Sensitivity Blood Panel, this one measures the food specific IgA and IgG antibodies that are present after eating a food. The reaction and symptoms may vary by individual. I went into this thinking that maybe I was sensitive to Gluten but never even gave a thought about dairy;(

So to read the results take any food item that is a II or above as negatively reactive by your body. I had also been told that I had an allergy to egg when I was born but brushed that off as not valid. Guess I was wrong! So am I grateful to have this information? Absolutely but I am also disappointed that I have a whole food group that I will have to eliminate from my diet. I choose to take this test with the hope of gaining information that will improve my health and my next step needs to be to incorporate what I have learned into my diet. I am only looking at the results I will be getting and not feeling regretful of what I cannot have because in this day and age there are so many vegan sub items I am confident that I will be able to find what I want. Other interesting findings.. Bananas, Lamb, Tuna and Beef. Good thing I have given up beef or over 27 years.

I spent time investigating stores that I will be able to get the items I want to try and have a feeling this will be an ongoing project. I was impressed with Trader Joes. I went in and after a few attempts of walking in circles I asked for assistance and was surprised when I was given a print out, a list with all of the vegan items that they carry. I purchased a few different milks (coconut and rice) to try and was very impressed with the coconut yogurt. I also expected to have to pay more for these items but did not. One huge take away.. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago.

To make Cauliflower Mash- 1 head of cauliflower steamed, blend in a food processor salt to taste, 1 teaspoon of Parmesan ( or plant based vegan option) and 1 teaspoon of soy creamer.

Exercise- 25 miles, hill workout, pick ups, trail run and long easy run. 1 day of weights.

Meal Prep- Chicken Salad for lunches, Salmon with blistered tomatoes, Cauliflower mash, Chocolate Nut & Coconut drops.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!