Making the effort …to go for the PV Personal Victory!

Big Horn Sheep sighting on the South Lykken Trail …took my breath away.

Welcome 2020… I am so excited for this new beginning and I hope you are too. I don’t know why starting a new decade feels different but for me it does. It seems that my focus is more clear, or maybe I have just too much to accomplish and know that if I am to succeed I need to be that focused.

So I took another break for the holidays.. I figured all are so busy with family and celebrations. But I am back and boy do I have a lot to catch you up on. I give you fair warning…. much talk about the marathon.

Nothing but smiles at the trails!

My training for the Marathon went well these past weeks. I did hill workouts, weights, core and long runs. I had some great runs and some that I absolutely struggled with. I was suppose to get a 22 mile in last weekend but only managed a 19 mile and barely made that. Just did not feel good after and took awhile to recover. I seem to be having trouble getting my body temp corrected after a run, end up with shakes and cannot get warm. The following days I would need to taper but when a hiking buddy called to get a trail hike/run in I jumped at the chance to get a bit of confidence back….which it did!

I drove to Scottsdale Arizona on Thursday and was able to relax until the Buckeye Marathon on Saturday. Weather was good, start of the race in the mid 40’s with it finishing for me in the mid 60’s. I have trained to fuel/hydrate and took precautions with my pre-race meal (cooked my own meal). Ya know.. try to control the risk factors.

The race was tough but at mile 23 I knew I had it.. I stuck to my plan and took it easy, I wanted to finish strong. And when I crossed that finish line I was so happy with my PERSONAL VICTORY. My finish time wasn’t extraordinary, and the distance or terrain wan’t the toughest but for me this was a victory. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to set this goal and I accomplished it. Perfect segway to… this awesome article in Runners World.

This article by Jess Movold really resonated with me .. the concept of letting numbers at the end of a race determine whether I am to be happy or disappointed with myself??? Now reaching a PR, PB or breaking a course/world record is what we are told is the only factor to rate a professional athletic career. But for us mere mortals we still use these factors to rate our performance. Running brings me joy and I need to honor that and if that means to change my mindset then I am ready to give it a try. Please take time to read the whole article if you are interested in this concept.

Super Happy with the way my watch said 26.6 miles (habits are hard to change lol!)

Getting ready for back to work week- Meal Prep

Meatballs w/Marinara, Grilled Shrimp/Shrimp Quesadillas, Grilled Chicken Breasts, sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, almond butter

Have a Happy and Healthy week… and look for those Personal Victories!

Making the effort .. to find the Daily Wins!

Running a Hill Workout with the Moon:)

I was reminded this week by something that I needed to hear…on Instagram “to find your daily wins”. Now this is not a new concept and I am not sharing with you something that you have never heard before. But if you are like me, and your day is filled with all the hustle bustle, you probably have little time in your day to recognize those wins. So why would taking time out to find your “daily wins” be important you ask?

Those wins are progress points that will lead you to your Goal!

Let’s face it the goals we set or the point we want to reach can be daunting. We all have doubts once we have decided on our path. Focusing on those daily wins , no matter how small, helps us to break down our large goal into manageable chunks. Those small wins each day help me to feel like I have accomplished something and motivate me to keep going.

Some of my Daily Wins this week-

-Fitting in a day to do weights/one legged exercises

-Pushing the Hill Workout- waking up very early to fit it in and pushing myself

-Made time to each lunch with a friend

-Catching up my calendar, listing daily mileage and work outs

-Putting up Christmas Tree, shopping for gifts

-Reaching my highest weekly running mileage= 38 miles

We always remember to review the failures. But do we really notice all of our daily wins? I challenge you to try this.

I survive by my lists. Do you make lists? A “To Do” list? I think this is another way to keep on track of our wins. Take that pen and cross it off, nothing is more satisfying that to cross something off my list.

Meal Prep today- Broccoli Soup, Roasted Potatoes, Curry Lentils with Spinach, Chia Pudding, Cashew Butter and Vegan Brownies.

Holiday treats? I need to get on it 🙂

Curried Lentils .. a hug in a bowl!

LENTILS are high in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates also a good source of iron, potassium, folate and manganese. Lentils come in a large variety of sizes and colors. Split lentils cook much faster and are good for use in curries. If you haven’t tried them for awhile I suggest you do.

Exercise- 38 miles running (what!) including pick ups, long run (17 miles) and a trail run/hike with elevation, and 1 day weights

Have a Healthy and Happy Week!