Making the effort .. to run for a cause!

This week the running community from all over the world have pulled together and made a difference. Hearing about the wildfires in Australia really puts life in perspective. It is so devastating for all who live there. I really can’t even think about all the animals, property loss, and environmental effects. Not to mention the efforts from firefighters and all that are committed to getting the fires under control. What Can I Do? What Can You Do? I will be running 21KM on January 18th 2020.

I came across this post from @samanthagash and signed up immediately! There are a few people in this world that will make a difference. People that thru pure grit make something positive happen. I have watched this virtual run start at a few thousand donations and now it is large enough to make a difference. If this is of interest please follow the link on the Instagram Profile @samanthagash.

It is interesting that we have races that support almost every needy cause. I wonder why that is? Is the running community known for it’s generosity, or is it that runners are committed, responsible individuals that want to help their fellow man? Maybe it is just we are people of action.

This week was a busy full week back to work but my energy level was good. I did take a few days rest after the marathon, but still managed a day of weights, hill workout and a trail run. I surprisingly had no ill effects after the marathon. In the past I have had a mild cold or sore throat after and chalked it up to a stress on my immune system.

Meal Prep- Almond butter stuffed dates, Chicken Enchilada w/ green sauce,

Baked Potatoes, and prepped greens for salads.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!

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