Making the effort to… eliminate the annoying pebble in your shoe.

The sandy Boo Hoff Trail!

You know that feeling when a pebble has somehow made its way into the exact position in your shoe that causes pain? Ugh!! Of course you do! We all have had experienced that one nagging irritant that controls yours thoughts step after step. On today’s run with my hiking buddy, the sand seemed deeper and it did make its way in both of our shoes. It got me thinking of how those little irrational thoughts can take hold and sabotage the rest of your run or race. Maybe it is that the mind is super focused while running, paying attention to foot placement and stride that when your mind recognizes a irritant it stays on it until it is not an issue.

If you have prepared for your race or run by reviewing your route and weather then probably your equipment/gear is the cause of that nagging pebble. I have my favorite running shorts and shirts and when I have to wear another not so favorite it seems that is all I think about. It can be the way the shorts ride up, sports bra rubs a sore or the sleeves on a shirt have a rough spot. If you know that those tend to cause you distress then don’t wear them on important long training runs or races and try to keep to your favorites. And never try out a new garment on big day.

Do I have the answer for “how to distract yourself when you are irritated..?” No, but when you do have a problem during a run/race simply ask your self “Is there something I can do to make it better?” If yes , do it and if not just taking action gets you into the mindset of acting and not reacting.

All we can do is keep searching for the perfect gear and running clothes and yes I need to start wearing Gators.. lol!

Last week at work was busy and eventful so I need to do some “Thank You ” baking. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls it is. I was able to get a little bit of meal prep done for the week and happy about the effort I put forth in training.

Meal Prep- Yogurt Fruit Parfaits, Turkey Taco Meat, Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Exercise- 25 miles including Pick Ups, Hill Workout, Long Run and Trail Run.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!

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