Making the effort to …stay hydrated.

Boo Hoff Trail on a day with heat & humidity.

You know when you have sweat on your forearms before you even get to the trail head, you will be in for it! Today my hiking buddy and I started out a little before 7:00AM and we were one of the only ones out there, I would figure this out by the end of the hike. So let’s talk heat and humidity, since I live in the desert I should have a lot to say on the subject…lol! I am one of those people that do sweat, and I will be honest I sometimes compare my effort depending on how much I sweat. I believe it is healthy to sweat and not only is it the body’s preferred method of cooling but I believe it is a good way to remove toxins, so taking this all in account hydration is a very important aspects of healthy physical activity.

Hydration Plans should be individualized and be able to enhance performance in training and competition while minimizing risks for dehydration, over-hydration and any type of heat illness. First we need to monitor hydration by:

Urine Color-look at first mornings urine and if the more clear and minimal yellow color then hydration is good. Darker yellow or the color of apple juice is an indication that you may be dehydrated. Super bright urine can be caused by consuming supplements.

Sweat Loss- Change in body weight before and after activity can be used to estimate loss.

Dehydration can happen even when it is not hot. Some other factors are Humidity, Body Size, Gender, and Fitness level. The more Fit a person is the more one will sweat because the body is cooling the body more efficiently. Another example, you can sweat while swimming or even playing winter sports. The goal should be to hydrate prior, during and replace fluid loss after activity.

Warning signs – thirst, flushed skin,premature fatigue, increased temperature and faster breathing and heart rate. Be aware that thirst is not always indicative of dehydration.

I have not always been good at prioritizing hydration as I should but I am monitoring more of what I bring with me on a run/hike, and I am also conscious of what my intake is like immediately after a strenuous workout for the following hours. One idea I do – I like to make a refreshing smoothie, my favorite one is a Grapefruit Smoothie. Simple to make, just smash as much pulp and juice into blender add ice and a swig of maple syrup and blend. Another idea would be to eat soup or fruits and veggies with a high water content, after a heavily active or hot day.

This week a few outside factors had me cut back one day of running so I was only able to get in not quite 15 miles of running with one day on the trail/elevation. I did get two days of weights and one of jump-rope ( cardio). Still focusing on base strength and am happy so far with what I am doing.

Tough but good elevation on a 7 mile trail.. and that is Runner/Crazy Eyes in the background!

Meal Prep – Today I was able to prepare Spinach Basil Pest, Steel Cut Cinnamon Oats, Tuna Salad, and Gluten Free-Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!

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