Making the effort to be healthy.. let’s start there!

So it has been a week… and of course the “plan” I had for exercise had to be amended due to work, weather or in other words life. I am sure you have been there. The school year is wrapping up and much needs to be done even at the end of a school year. Employee evaluations, cleaning the kitchens, and preparing for Summer School all while putting a plan into place for next year. So that being said I have had to adjust my run/lifting schedule. I had to squeeze in time early (4:00 AM) on some days and drive to a cooler place for heat relief. But actually those are the days I enjoy most! Early hours at the gyms are rarely busy,

and early runs in the streets peaceful and invigorating (necessary precautions taken).

I am very lucky that living in California affords me the opportunity to be close to mountains, and to beaches within a couple hours drive. I enjoy driving up to Big Bear Lake and especially if I need some altitude training. Big Bear is at about 7,000ft and my favorite trail has about a 1000ft gain.

Big Bear Lake 2019

I had an awesome run on the trails, and definitely felt the elevation but with more time spent that will improve. I had planned an easy run today to complete my week but I found myself caught up in baking and doing some meal prep. I listen to by body, and trust me I push it when I have to but today decided to give myself a break.

Now let’s talk Meal Prep…. I am not one of those people that take the whole day on a Sunday and end up exhausted . I enjoy cooking and baking and take advantage when I feel inspired. Today I wanted to try a new recipe, Cashew Sandwich Bread by @lauraleabalanced. It is gluten free and made with cashew flour which I had never tried before. I am not a trained chef or baker but I do love to mess around in the kitchen especially with alternative products. My diet is not completely vegetarian, I just do not eat red meat, not gluten free but I have noticed the older I get my digestion is affected, this is why I enjoy trying out alternative ingredients. I also find this area of health just expanding so much and I am very interested in it. Meal Prep today :

  1. Cashew Bread
  2. Egg Cups w/Spinach & Tomato
  3. Baked Yams
  4. Almond Butter filled Dates

So now you are caught up on how this week I was “making the effort to be healthy”! To be Continued……..

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