Happy Sunday All!

Sunday Morning spent on BooHoff Trail.. my kinda church! Hope your day is starting out well! Today’s Trail hike/run is about 7 miles total with about 1540 of vert ( that is the part you want to cus about) . Today my hiking buddy and I had a FKT for us or PR … whatever people are calling it now. We completed the trail in 2 hours and 3 minutes.,,, that is pretty good for us:) Around here ( the desert) we need to get an early start so we were hitting the trail by 6:30 AM.

Luv my SUUNTO Watch! So that brings me to the next topic regarding goal setting. Documentation– I believe it is vital to document ..and not just your training but all of your health activities. Keep tract of preventative tests or trips to a physician, make it into a habit. For training, it is a great motivational tool , that rewards all your hard work and shows you what you still have to achieve. Black and White doesn’t lie. I have had more success keeping on track with a written log ..but that was before these smart watches. So however you want to do it is fine just as long as you document. Approach your training or goal with the same amount of energy you would give a project at work or an assignment for school. Spend time working out a plan and then follow thru. Now you may have noticed I have not told you my current goal… LOL! Here is the accountability part. I will run a Ultra Trail Race this next year – 2019/2020. Ultra just means anything longer than a marathon ( 26.2 miles), and the trail part hints at climbing (oh boy). I did the LA marathon last year and I did the Antelope Canyon Half Marathon this past spring ( amazing!!). I am now in my “building my base” phase which means I need to consistently run 8 to 10 miles when I go out on the roads at least 2 to 3 times a week and then start building up from there. The other days of the week I need to work on strength, climbing and speed. I will also talk about Altitude Training .. ( but that will come later). Speed will be my least priority since .. No I will not win a race and I do want to enjoy every race I participate in! Well.. thanks for your time but this girl here is getting hangry and I need to replenish the stores.

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