The Healthy Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Marta Shand and I am an advocate for health and wellness.. your advocate as well as my own.  I have a bachelor degree in Nutrition, and I have worked in both the clinical and hospitality settings.  I currently work in the field and support student nutrition.  I am not a clinical dietitian, nor do I claim to be an expert.  This site has been created to hopefully  inspire and promote good health and being well.  I invite you to come along in my health adventure.

What is Wellness?

-the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.  Oxford Dictionaries

-the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.  Merriam -Webster

Right there.. Do you see that? In both definitions it talks about the effort put forth – towards a goal.  Now that is something I can do and you can too.  I believe in putting that energy in researching or jumping in and trying ways to increase your physical, mental or spiritual health.


I have been called a cheerleader (not that I ever was) and there is something inside of me that yells..”Woohoo.. great job”  or ” You can do it..”  or “Let’s climb Mt Baldy..” and luckily that voice is usually pretty loud.  Now that might mean that I can, most of the time get myself out of bed to go for that morning run.  But I need help once in a while too (this blog is a way of making myself accountable).  So that is probably where we should start ..

Motivation- I will share what works for me and maybe you can give it a try.

Goals- I need a goal to work towards and sometimes the scarier the better.  You have to tell someone.  If you don’t verbalize it I think it is too easy to give it up.  Speak it.. and Believe it!

For example, I never would have thought that someone my age (50+) could climb a mountain ( over 14,000 ft) but I did with the help of an awesome hiking buddy.  This one wasn’t my idea but I went along with it, and to date it is one of my most fondest memories.  Trust me we did not come close to the -fastest ascent and descent of Mt Whitney but we did it in one day and it was epic!  So that is how goal setting works for me.  Have you tried setting a tough goal?  What about a marathon? or Entering a Spartan Race?  I guess what I am saying is .. Scare Yourself!  Pick a super tough goal .. and yes you will need to set small ones to reach it but some of us do better when really challenged.  Does it really matter that I climbed Mt Whitney? .. No, but did I improve my health and see some of the most beautiful sites I will ever see while doing it absolutely!

running -grateful

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